Our Philosophy

Our mission is to bring more attention to how important is it to take care of your hands! Not only from germs and bacteria but also from the UV rays and artificial UV light. We want to bring a cuter more convenient way to achieve germ free, moisturized and sun protected hands. After all they do say "your hands are one of the first places to show your real age". 

Our Founder 

Hi, I'm Marlayna, the founder of Cloudless! Being born and raised in South Florida I was always conscious of wearing sunscreen because it's sunny here all year round and was always trying new products. Now that I am in my thirties I have become even more aware of how important it is to wear sunscreen everyday, not just on your face and neck but your hands too! The skin on your hands is just as sensitive and usually gets neglected. I was always looking for a mineral sunscreen to carry with me on the go so I can reapply as needed. After searching, I realized nothing was out there so that is how Cloudless and our first product Hand Dream was created. 

Our Antimicrobial, the second product to the Cloudless brand, was something that came out of pure necessity. Our hands are so DRY these days from the alcohol sanitizer and hand washing I needed a solution! I hope you love them :)